Strange as it may seem, one of the strategies of digital marketing includes making it easy for people to find you.  For your web site, a good domain name and easy to remember URLs help people remember how to connect to you.  Another good strategy is to register alternate spelling versions of your domain name if they are similar sounding enough to your name.  An example would be: For a hypothetical campaign against a measure (we’ll call it measure 2112 for instance), one might register the following domains: and


Keep in mind, you may be giving out your URL verbally and so the word “to” could be perceived as it was meant to be, but it could also be perceived as the actual number.. 2.


One might consider also registering the .com and .net and the .org versions of those domains to ensure that you control them and that no one else (an opponent?) registers the alternate versions of your domains thus  capturing a portion of your intended traffic.  These and other techniques are part of the overall Prismatic digital strategy that create the conditions for success.

Often times it can become necessary to take existing URLs and shorten them.  For example, when providing a link via text or Twitter, there are a limited number of characters that you can put into a single message.  Shortening the URL using a redirect service makes this task easy..


Prismatic provides its own URL shortening service free of charge for anybody that wants to use it.  No strings attached.   Check it out at