Navigating Oregon campaign finance rules can get tricky.  There are many requirements about how and when a campaign reports its activities and there are penalties when it isn’t done properly.  Keeping up with these rules can become tiresome and a burden.


Most campaigns will utilize the services of a reputable third-party treasurer to ensure compliance with the Orestar reporting requirements.  The treasurer also handles the campaign accounting including writing the checks and making the bank deposits.  A treasurer does not have to be local, but it helps.


Prismatic has utilized treasury services in the past and have found that using an external resource also has drawbacks, usually in the form of communications breakdown and incompatible schedules, ultimately leading to potentially costly penalties for late filings.  For this reason we’ve decided to establish this as a skillset offered in-house.


Our campaign services now include a “built-in” treasurer who works to ensure that your campaign reports in a timely manner and follows all of the rules established by the State of Oregon.

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