If this face seems familiar, it’s because you’ve probably seen Mike on the news or on the cover of the Eugene Weekly.  Mike is no stranger to the community as he is also the man behind the largest Facebook Group in Lane County (Lane County Mugshots Uncensored.)


Mike is well-known and respected in the community.  Everybody seems to know him or of him.  He is well-established and trusted as a voice of reason in the region.  Mike has a way of explaining things in a way that resonates with everyday regular people.


As part of Prismatic, Mike helps craft the message and then works to keep the message on target.  He has worked with just about every media outlet in Lane County and has a strong working relationship with members of the media.

PR Services

  • Crafting Talking Points
  • Drafting Press Releases
  • Responding to Media Inquiries
  • Speaking on-camera
  • Radio Shows
  • Social Media Management
  • Ad voice-overs

Additional Services

  • Opposition Planning
  • Deflecting negative media attention
  • Handling social media trolls
  • Capitalizing on messaging opportunities
  • Reputation repair and/or enhancement