Share The Love

During the West Eugene EmX project, Prismatic founders worked with and advised the opposition group along the way.  Sometimes they took our advice, other times not.  That’s okay.. it’s a normal part of campaign management.  Occasionally, we (Prismatic) would act on our own when the situation seemed to warrant it.

One area of concern that crossed our radar is that West Eugene EmX proponents were starting to paint a picture of their own of the opposition – one that suggested that opponents were against public transit (anti-transit.)  Nothing could be further from the truth, but it could be easy to see how some folks might draw that conclusion.  The fact is, Lane Transit District is a model national award winning transit system.  The drivers and supporting crew that serve Lane County deserve to be treated with respect and should be thanked for their service.

The opposition group felt showing an act of support was a risky venture and respectfully opted out of our campaign which we referred to as “LTD Love.”  The idea was simple enough:  Create a campaign that invites transit riders to show their appreciation for the good work that the transit district does regardless of their support for the West Eugene expansion.  Our campaign is summed up in the YouTube video below which we created to promote the effort.  Our endeavor was covered by local media and was well received by LTD and the public.

The lesson learned from that story is that you do indeed need to be careful when running a campaign effort that generates a lot of passion and emotion.  It’s not a bad idea to extend an olive branch now and then.  Chances are, we all have more in common than not.  In this case, we found common ground in the fact that we could all agree: Public transit is a good thing.  We can appreciate the good work that LTD does for our community, even if we don’t always see eye to eye.