Never Underestimate The Power Of A Good Bullhorn

When you think about the tools in your campaign tool chest, the first thing that comes to mind might not be a bullhorn.  But for the meager cost of 25 bucks at Harbor Freight, the bullhorn might be the one investment that gives the biggest return.

Bullhorns obviously amplify your voice and with that you can rally the team, lead chants, direct traffic, draw media attention… you get the picture.  Not every event calls for a bullhorn and it all depends on the type of attention you are trying to get.  Use it for good, not evil.  Make noise but also know when to shut up.  Your bullhorn is your buddy, your friend.  Don’t abuse him (or her.)

Bullhorns are magical.  They make small seem large.  Little becomes big.  People take notice (probably because it’s hard to ignore…)


Compressed air-can horns can also be helpful.  Used sparingly, they give you the ability to grab attention in your direction.  Used too much, it can also annoy people, maybe even make them angry.  Again, it depends on the kind of attention you’re seeking.  Use wisely.