Do a float in the parade.. we’ll get together, have a few laughs…

Whose idea was this anyway?  We’ll probably never settle that one.  But suffice it to say, there’s always trouble when I ride the bus with Pat and Alonzo.  Good trouble.  We’re always hatching a plan of some kind.  That’s the kind of spirit that Prismatic as a company enjoys.. the ability to come up with ideas, talk them through, create a plan, and then execute on that plan and make something happen.  All in a relatively short amount of time.  Our project: Enter a float in the Creswell 4th of July parade as part of our company’s launch as a Creswell based business.  Prismatic would be the sponsor but the focus would be on the name everybody knows: Lane County Mugshots.

The ideas came together and what results will be what folks see in the parade on Wednesday.. a well spirited float in the theme of mugshots, jail, cops, etc.  All to a carefully hand selected soundtrack of tunes sure to amuse most observers at the parade.

While we hope folks will interpret our float as good clean fun and that it is in good (okay, decent) taste, we can also understand other viewpoints.  Some may feel that we’re glamorizing crime and that surely isn’t our intent.  Our true hope is that we draw more attention to our site Lane County Mugshots.  The advertising on that site provides modest support for the efforts to maintain and support our servers and programs.  For us, Lane County Mugshots is not about making money.  We know that the service we provide has value to our community in ways that make a difference.

For instance, the 45,000+ member community on the Facebook group Lane County Mugshots Uncensored has been attributed to leading to the solutions for crime and the arrests of criminals sought by law enforcement.  In addition, the daily posts provide valuable information about the worst of offenders in our communities including sex offenders and abusers, etc.

Lane County Mugshots does not remove mugshots for profit like other sites do.  We will remove photos and information for no charge for people who qualify.

Most of all, we hope that LCM is a crime deterrent.  If you commit a crime in our covered counties, you’re going to be on Lane County Mugshots / Oregon Crime News.  The not so hidden message here is: Don’t commit crimes and you’ll be good.

Actually, we really would like to be put out of business.  The fact is, if we can solve and then prevent crime, the world would be a better place and we wouldn’t need these mugshots.   We’d be okay with that.  Until then, the not so hidden message to the criminals is: Thanks for helping us keep the lights on here at Prismatic / Lane County Mugshots  et al.  But seriously, stop breaking the law, you criminals.

We welcome feedback about our float and what we can do better next year.

2018 Prismatic LCMU FLoat
2018 Prismatic LCMU FLoat